TDP cadre behaves aggressively on Pawan Kalyan in Attili


Power Star Pawan Kalyan bond with the ruling party TDP becomes melting slowly. TDP activists expressed aggressive protest at Attili in West Godavari District. TDP activists have torn Pawan Kalyan’s flexi in town. Nearly 300 Pawan’s fans carried out intense protests against a TDP leader and his supporters, demanding the police to arrest them.

The cops calmed down the protestors and assured them a swift action. As per the media reports, caste angle seems to be the primary reason behind the conflict. However, Pawan Kalyan supported the TDP-BJP alliance in State and Central in 2014 elections. After that Pawan Kalyan deferred with Chandrababu Naidu’s policies on land acquisition from farmers in Tulluru on a couple of occasions. Since then, the special bond between Pawan Kalyan fans and TDP cadres. It turns violent in occasionally between the Pawan Kalyan and TDP.

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