Super Mario Run Is Here With A Bang!

Super Mario Run is here with a bang

Great news for all the android users as the highly anticipated game, Super Mario Run has finally made its presence in Android. The iOS App of the game has got a new update. Similar to the iOS version, the game is free to download in the Android phone too.  But the only point to consider is that, if you wish to play more than the first three levels then one has to pay approx. $10. Super Mario Run is the first Mario game from Nintendo developed for smartphones.

Super Mario Run instantly became a hit among the iPhone users when launched and was one of the top 10 app grosser for a while. In just four days of the launch on iOS , the app was downloaded 40 million times. 

Along with iPhone and Android phones, the app is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 

 So rejoice Android fans!

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