Student live streams suicide on Facebook before jumping to death!

Student live streams suicide on Facebook

An engineering student from Mumbai had streamed a Facebook live video about how to commit suicide minutes before he jumped off from the 19 floor of the plush hotel.

In the alleged ways to attempt suicide video, he says here are few steps like – write notes to people, get drunk, enjoy the view and eat pasta if you wish to. at the end of the video, he is seen saying, “see you on the other side.”

Bandra Police has found a suicide note and said they the identified Arjun Bhardwaj who was depressed.

According to media reports, Sanjay Kadam, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bandra division said, “He broke the glass of the hotel room window before jumping. We found nine short notes in his room indicating he was disturbed.”

Mumbai Police has requested not to publicize the video. Talking to the press, Deven Bharti, Joint Commissioner of Police mentioned, “It is disturbing and can have a huge impact on young minds.”

The Mumbai police tweeted: “Deeply bereaved with suicide of a young boy in the city. We urge the youngsters to reach out to us #WeAreListening.”

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