SMS alerts if children are over speeding their vehicles

Students of PES College have developed a fool-proof system that will send alerts to parents if their children are over speeding their vehicle. It can also automatically alert the traffic control room.

It has also been developed with the capability to switch off engines found to be in poor condition. This has been developed by 5 students – Akshay Avadhany, Amitesh, Girish J, Dileep Kumar and Suhas S Gowda from final year Diploma in Automobiles at PES Polytechnic College, Hanumanthanagar.

Realization of the fact that most accidents occurred brake failure, poor maintenance or rash and negligent motoring, these students with this inspiration developed the new technology. According to media reports, Akshay Avadhany, one of the team members, said, “My father was crossing a road and a bike came and hit him because the rider either couldn’t control the speed or, may be, his brakes failed. What do we do at such times? There should be a solution to all these problems on the road.”

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