Similar name parties create too much confusion in GHMC voters

Over 15 political parties are trying to test their luck with the magic word of ‘Telangana’ in the ongoing GHMC Polls. Even though these parties are not be seen anywhere in the campaign arena, their only strength is the word ‘Telangana’ and some accidental deviant behaviour of semi-literate voters will come to their rescue. After the withdrawal of nominations there remained 71 parties in the fray. Of these, 15 parties have registered their title with ‘Telangana’ word. These parties are Praja Telangana Samithi, Samajika Telangana Samiti, Telangana Bharata Janata Party, Telangana Rajya Samiti Party, Telangana Party, Telangana Communist Party, Telangana Congress Party, Telangana Democratic Party, Telangana Lok Satta Party, Telangana Yuva Sena Party, Telangana Yuva Sakthi party and Yuva Telangana Party.

Political observers see as some element of mischief in naming the outfit in such a way that the invariably sounder closer to the one of the main political parties in the Telangana state. In one closely observe the titles; they sound similarity with TRS Congress, YSRC, Lok Satta, BJP and Communist. TRS and other major parties are confident that voters won’t get confused by the title Telangana as many of them are well aware of  the symbols like Car, Hand, Lotus etc which, which are  too popular with the masses.

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