SBH merging with SBI from today, 1st April 2017

The State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) is one of the oldest bank of Telangana region that aided the development of erstwhile Karimnagar district on the agricultural and industrial front and economic empowerment of women. The SBH would now be merged with SBI starting from 1st April 2017 and thereby not only become the Lead District Bank but also the Treasury bank for all the government departments. Officials confirmed that only the Name is going to change to SBI and not the services. The duties will be performed by SBH but in SBI style including the preparation of the Annual Credit Plan of the district.

The move will be approached in a phased manner to avoid any confusion among the customers and also SBH fears to have few of the branches being winded up. Employees union fought against this merger but in vain. They feel the SBH employees will suffer the most since their salary is on the lower side and expects parity. Also, Employees fear to be economised by the VRS scheme. “We are bidding adieu to SBH after working for it for several years and we have to get ready to work in a completely new environment from Saturday, 1st April 2017”, employees stated in media reports.

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