For Saying ‘I Love You’ By Grabbing Teen’s Hand, a 22 year ends up in jail

A 22-year-old youth was sentenced to one year in jail for an incident occurred in October 2015 for allegedly grabbing a 16-year-old girl’s hand and saying, ‘I love you’ to her.

The accused man first verbally abused the girl when she was on her way back home from college with her friend. He suddenly approached her and held her hand after which he said, ‘I love you’, said a media report.

The girl’s mother decided to lodge an FIR against him after confrontations. Another reason to influence decision on approaching the cops was that the girl had stopped going to college or her tuition out of fear.

A report from Dindoshi court stated that in cases of outraging modesty or sexual harassment delay in lodging FIR is natural because in a conservative society like India, people think more about the future of the victim, than to get justice.

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