Samsung Galaxy S8 users complain their screens emits red tint!

A new debacle for Samsung has sprung as numerous customers have complained about their brand new Galaxy S8 seems to emit weird red tint on the screen. Numerous owners chose social media as their platforms to complain about a sly red hue on their displays.  


The worldwide launch of this new flagship model is scheduled this Friday however the company has begun shipping devices to South Korean customers honoring the pre-ordered requests, though it’s a rock-strewn conduit for Samsung to start with.  

Researchers have told that it could be due to the S8’s “Deep Red” OLED technology which supposedly makes the typical white look like pinkish/reddish. A tech spokesperson confirmed that the issue of pink shade is not due to the hardware and can be fixed by modifying the phone’s screen settings. Nevertheless, S8’s Korean patrons are saddened and reporting the issues on Instagram, Ruliweb and PPomppu stating they tried the screen settings mods but in vain and alas clatter about their aversions. 

In the meantime, Samsung has apparently focused on attaining an exceptional target for its Galaxy S8 sales with at least 60 million units. Incase this screen issues turns out to be a new predominant hardware catastrophe, it won’t be only sales slope but also its reputation at stake too.

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