Revival of Mamta Banerjee as TMC Chairperson

All India Trinmool Congress has endured for party’s organizational polls at Netaji Indoor Stadium. TMC VP Mukul Roy later declared that West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee has been re-appointed as the chairperson of TMC for another term of six years. Mamta Banerjee stated that “It would have been better to award this responsibility to someone else since she is very much tied-up with other duties. Also, she did prefer to be a member of staff because they are the real wealth of the party, not the leaders.”

Mamta Banerjee recently indicted BJP for diving people based on their religion. She urged all the regional parties to unite for the sake of nation and deemed it as ‘need of the hour’. Hinduism means tolerance, it is our biggest identity and we are proud of it. We respect all religions but BJP is disparaging Hinduism by afflicting riots. The leaders of various political parties also resonated with Mamta Banerjee to unite. According to them, if regional parties unite and form a grand alliance then it would be big setback for BJP and its 33 party alliance as they would not be able to form the next government. 

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