Reunion of feeble World War II troupers moves China

The story of two fragile men who fought alongside in the Second World War had impressed millions in China and gained popularity on social media for their ever-long fighting spirit. Zhuang Shuifa aged 88 and his former comrade Lin Shuishou, aged 90 were coincidently united for treatment for the same illness – a chest infection – at the same ICU in southern China.

The duo had fought against the Imperial Japan Army, serving in the same platoon, Guerilla force in the East River Column in 1944-45. Mr. Zhuang was admitted to hospital in Shenzhen on 15th April and shared his military background with doctors. Through a casual chit-chat with nurses, he learnt that the patient next to him was also a veteran and later realized that he was his former comrade-in-arms.

Their condition was very somber and not responding to medicines, however this entire union delighted their spirits and boosted their will-power to fight-back, especially when their beds were pushed together they began to show sign of recovery.  Their eyes shined when they saw each other, with hands tightly held together, it was a thrilling moment.

While they held each other, though connected with breathing apparatus and drips, they clutched each other’s hand for one last gutsy goal. “Hold on old friend,” Mr Zhuang told Mr Lin. “We’ll leave the hospital together!”

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