Why did Rajinikanth postpone his fan meeting?


A  sad news for die hard Rajinikanth fans, now you have to wait a little more to get a photograph with the superstar. The veteran actor has postponed meeting with fans. He had planned to meet fans from 12- 16 April for the photo opportunity with his fans but has now cancelled.

The superstar gave a message to the fans, “My dear fans. I have an information for you. It has been 10 years since we all met and took pictures. You have been constantly requesting to meet me and take pictures. Since I could not find time, I was unable to meet you all then. But I had planned to meet you all from April 12 to April 16. We had planned to meet fans hailing from 4-5 districts averaging 300 people daily. We had decided to invite 1,800 to 2,000 fans of them to participate during the meeting. It was my desire.”

Elaborating further he stated, “But, later we realised that it is not practically feasible to take individual photographs with everyone during the meeting and had decided to take photo sessions in eight member groups. However, a majority of fans had expressed disappointment saying how they could display an individual photograph with me in their respective homes if it is going to be a group photograph.”

“I feel it is fair on their part to make such a demand. Since we realised it is difficult to take pictures individually, we decided to postpone the meeting. We are planning to conduct it in future by inviting fans from two districts each and take pictures with them individually. I will announce the meeting date in future. I think you all will understand and extend cooperation.” he said.

Such meeting was last held in 2009 with fans.

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