Rajamouli to take up medium budget movie?

S S Rajamouli to take up medium budget movie-telugu70mm.com

Rajamouli doesn’t require any special introduction. The famous director who has enthralled everyone with Baahubali (The Beginning), took another year’s time to complete the second part. Many say that the second part is not a sequel but let rumors not bother you! In other words, the climax of Baahubali (The Beginning) is like an interval and Baahubali (The Conclusion) is more like another epic and integral part of the entirety. He dedicated almost 5 years towards this project and it’s soon going to be released and more eagerly awaited by the audience too. Rajamouli is happy about the release and at the same time wishes to take a sabbatical after being engrossed for so many years with Baahubali. 

Gossips are doing the rounds that he is discussing and working to make a film on the lines of “Maryada Ramanna”  and might be more of a screenplay based movie with young casting. Whatever be it, Rajamouli is sure to do it perfectly and would come out with a big hit. Let’s wait to hear this from the horse’s mouth, though it is also a riddle as to who would get the lucky chance to essay the characters in his next project.

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