Petrol pumps threaten ‘weekly off’ every Sunday

Petrol pumps threaten 'weekly off' every
Dealers in Petrol have announced that if their demands are not met then they would keep pumps closed on all Sundays, beginning from 14 may 2017. This protest will be launched by CIPD- Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers and will affect South India and Maharashtra the post.  This protest does not have the support of All India Petroleum Dealers Association. 
Talking to the press, AIPDA President Ajay Bansal said, “This will create panic. The association that has called for such a move has a presence in only Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. We are not supporting this decision, while we also have the same demands to increase [dealer’s commission].
President of Petrol Dealers Association Ravi Shinde had said that currently we import around 77% in energy sector, in oil, gas and petroleum sector. We can reduce this import by at least 10% by 2022. This 10% we will produce ourselves and this should be our dream.
Recently a media report said the country may soon have to get used to change in fuel prices on a daily basis.

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