PETA to resist Maharashtra legislation to recommence bullock cart races

PETA to resist Maharashtra legislation to recommence bullock cart

Animal rights organization PETA mentioned about its plans to challenge the legislation of Maharashtra to recommence bullock cart races on Friday. This plan was elicited post regulations being passed in the Maharashtra Assembly for the revival of bullock cart races across the state in the wake that Tamil Nadu recently passed a similar law to regularize its rural sport Jallikattu.

Initially, the ban was imposed in 2014 on the ground that it causes pain and anguish to the bullocks. PETA condemned that during races, bulls are often hit with nail-studded sticks, ropes yanked in nose, tails bitten or broken, pushed to an extent that they are exhausted and it leads many to collapse.

India is eminently admired for its true culture of kindness to animals. But off late people in the name of tradition are trying to rationalize meanness to animals, it is obnoxious and needs to be completely halted. The World is vexing to save animals and arise with laws to ban bullfights, use of animals in circuses and other events, wherein Maharashtra Assembly passing this new rule to allow Bullock-cart races seems to be hypocritical, probably a backsliding approach to please a few.

As per the amendment bill, bullock cart races could be held with prior permission of the district Collector concerned by warranting that no pain or agony would be caused to bulls. In case of any breach, the person incharge would be punished with fine upto 5 Lakhs or imprisonment upto 3 years. The safeguarding of the innate bulls and their purity, safety, security and well-being have been also taken into the account in the Bill, state Animal Husbandry Minister Mahadev Jankar.

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