OMG! 58+ Common Drugs found to be ‘Substandard’ including Combiflam, D Cold Total

The commonly found medicines in the First Aid boxes such as Combiflam and D Cold Total have been tagged as ‘Substandard’ by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization which is the national drugs regulator.

D Cold Total, Combiflam, Cetrizine, Paracetamol, Pantoprazole, Ofloxaci and Lomotin were among the ones listed as substandard by the organization as per a report. Sanofi’s Indian unit manufactured painkiller – Combiflam had failed in similar tests last year leading to withdrawal of several batches of the medicine from the market.

For health problems like cough, cold, allergies and pain these medicines have been the go-to remedy for many Indian families. Questions were raised on the quality of the medicines by CDSCO which regulates the quality, sale and distribution of drugs in India. 60 common drugs were labelled as “Not of Standard Quality” due to the duration for the medicines to disintegrate in the human body which is an important parameter for routine assessment of pharmaceutical drugs.

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