Nokia alliance with Airtel and BSNL to bring 5G network to India!

Nokia alliance with Airtel and BSNL to bring 5G network to

Nokia, the giant is gearing up to relaunch iconic model Nokia 3310, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5; additionally, it is collaborating with Airtel and BSNL to bring 5G network to India. They have planned to setup an experience centre in Bengaluru to better comprehend the patrons’ requirements for 5G in India.

According to reports, Nokia has signed a memorandum of understandings (MoUs) with Airtel and BSNL The primitive motive behind signing these MoUs is to induct 5G in India, identify the steps required and identify applications to define the target segment as an trial that will further turn into a concrete strategy for telecos. The future of internet and IoT is 5G network, it will be useful in the concept of making smart cities and virtual reality would be bliss. This MoUs will help develop a framework and prepare for the transition from current 4G to 5G. 

During Mobile World Congress, Nokia had stated that it would expand their collaborative technology partnership to work on 5G technology standard and management of connected devices. Noteably, another partnership transpired between Samsung and Reliance Jio to work on 5G connectivity in India. Samsung’s innovative “I&G (Infill & Growth) project” for Reliance Jio aims to help expand both the existing network capacity and the later 5G technology roll out and thereby extend the services in rural areas to maximize its reach. 

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