No fly list in India: Here are set of new rules!

The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced the launch of the National No- Fly list of the passengers. This has come immediately after Ravindra Gaikwad was banned from flying by many airlines.

Today while addressing the Ashok Gajapathy Raju- Minister of Civil Aviation and Rajiv Nayan Choubey, Civil Aviation Secretary said, “We propose to bring out a national no fly list. It is better to do that by a central mechanism under DGCA than leave it to airlines.”

The Ministry plans to put up the draft rules on its website where citizens can propose changes and suggest ideas post which the list will come into effect from June.

Here are the draft rules as stated by Ministry:-

Level 1: All instances of unruly behavior falls under this category including verbal abuse to any co-passenger, airport staff or crew. The behavior has to disrupt the normal flying process for the passenger to be slated in this category. The passenger found guilty will be handed out a suspension of three months.

Level 2: Physical abuse and sexual harassment is slated in this category, all kinds of misdemeanor which is physical in nature lies under this category. The person or persons found guilty of this charge will be suspended from flying for six months.

Level 3: The third level is for the most serious activities that may have life-threatening effects on the staff or co-passengers or damage to aircraft operating systems. The suspension will be for 2 years or more in this category.

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