Narendra Modi’s comprehensive vision is at risk in UP

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PM Narendra Modi’s recent victory in India’s most populous and politically important state Uttar Pradesh,  seemed a welcome action of his pro-development message. Now Narendra Modi’s comprehensive vision is at risk in UP.

Initially, BJP didn’t name a CM candidate. And used Narendra Modi’s popularity and his programs for cashing the votes and then now assigned the Chief Minister post to Yogi Adityanath, of Gorakhpur District.

Yogi Adityanath is popular as a “firebrand Hindu cleric”; other commentators are less charitable. Among other things, he’s been accused of overseeing a Hindu vigilante group, and he faces a slew of criminal charges rioting and attempted murders relating to intimidation of Muslims.

Supporters have said Adityanath should be given a chance to govern. In his first press conference, he pledged to focus on improving a lot of all the state’s 200 million citizens. So, Modi’s decision might be explained on purely practical grounds. Adityanath majority message cuts across caste lines in Uttar Pradesh, uniting a big swath of the Hindu population; the hope is that he can help Modi’s re-election chances in 2019.

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