Muslims would have to give up the beef if BJP wins: MIM Chief Owaisi cautions

After Settlers, development and Telangana, another word is become prominent in the GHMC polls. TRS started campaign with the tagline of settler vote, TDP having the tagline of development and other parties started campaign with the Telangana tagline. But Hyderabad based party MIM has started campaign with the word ‘Beef’, which is became controversial after a ban was uphold in slaughter houses in some states in the country. MIM chief and Hyderabad MP, Asaduddin Owaisi cautioned Muslims of Hyderabad that they would have to give up the beef if the BJP wins the elections for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Asad called upon the Muslim electorate to ensure that Mumbai development did not take place in Hyderabad where BJP emerged ruling party. ” If MIM is defeated in the election, I am telling you-the members of minority community will have to forget about eating beef,” Owaisi said.

He recalled what happened in Mumbai. “The BJP has banned beef in Mumbai. Beef was banned for a week there. Since Modi took power as Prime Minister, the quantity of beef exported from India has gone up. And if my sources are right, beef export has gone up by 17 per cent. What is Modi doing about it,” he said. This extreme religious sentimental turn of MIM leader is the result of the post-Telangana politics of Hyderabad. .Against the backdrop of Hyderabad Central University Dalit student’s struggle, Asad’s appeal against BJP would embolden the Dalits old city and Hyderabad to vote for MIM.

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