Melania Trump’s‘liked’ a tweet mocking her marriage to husband Donald

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump generated this Twitter madness after she decided to like a meme in which someone mocked her and Donald’s marriage. People are very excited after Melania Trump’s Twitter account appears to troll Donald Trump.

The ‘like’ has since been deleted, leaving a whole bunch of questions in its wake. The alleged Twitter activity proves to be a rare occurrence for Melania. The only other tweet she has reportedly ever liked was her own tweet from 2012. Despite her inactivity on the popular social media app, Melania’s personal Twitter account has been verified, and she has more than 866,000 followers.

Questions have also been raised if Melania was trying to send out a cry for help by liking the tweet. Or maybe she was just a victim of a hack. The tweet in question was only the second ever tweet that her account has ‘liked’ so it’s most likely that Melania is a twitter novice.

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