Man divorces wife through newspaper ad!

Man divorces wife through newspaper

Mohd Mushtaquddin, a Saudi Arabia-based banker has now declared divorce to his wife in a newspaper ad. His wife is a 25-year-old lady from Hyderabad. Talking to the police the woman said that she was in shock to see the ad in a newspaper (local Urdu daily) and had later received a phone call from her husband’s lawyer. 

It is said that they had taken vows in 2015 and moved to Saudi Arabia and now have a baby girl. The had come to India and the lady moved to her parents home after a fight with her husband. Three weeks later he left for Saudi Arabia. She called a number of times but in kaput.

She also mentioned that “If I did anything wrong, he should have spoken to me and my parents. If I was wrong he should have given talaq in front of everyone as he has married me in front of all relatives.”

According to police officer S Gangadhar, Mushtaquddin had harassed his wife for a dowry of Rs.20 lakh and investigations are underway. 
This case is seen immediately after two days after a man was arrested for mailing a postcard with triple talaq to divorce. 

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