Liquor vend on Wheels

A video has allegedly gone viral on social media of a tractor-trailer that had setup a Liquor shop while on the move, termed as “Theka on wheels”. This is to dodge the SC order banning liquor shops 500 metres along highway.
The man shooting it speaks in Punjabi and gags about the order. Also, he is heard noticeably attributing Punjab finance minister – Manpreet Singh Badal for this act. From the video, we can see that the trailer has the name of a town – Shahbad in Haryana close to Punjab border, though no further details could be engrained.

Social Activist Harman Singh Sidhu mentioned in a media report that he has seen this video and has also found such ‘Theka on wheels” along highways in Haryana in 2013. He further added that these thekas allegedly advertised that their booze was cheaper than that in Punjab. There were several complaints on these lines but none could be traced or caught by any officials.  

Here’s a sneak peek of the video 



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