Leaked images show contradictory designs, vertical dual camera in upcoming iphone 8

The first photos of the iPhone 8 might just have been leaked. The images – which are unverified, but are claimed by those sharing them to show a phone made as a prototype of the new handset – show a redesigned phone that includes many new features but takes much of its lead from the iPhone 7.


The new phone is already being said by some rumour-mongers to be the most radical redesign that the iPhone has ever had, to mark its 10th anniversary. Apple hasn’t officially said anything about the new handset, and never does.


Pictures claiming to be dummy iPhone 8, created using a computer-controlled cutting machine known as a CBC router, have emerged online on Twitter posted by Benjamin Geskin. He has claimed that the new iPhone 8 will be the same size and thickness as the iPhone 7 but would have dual front cameras. 

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