KRK finds Baahubali a cartoon film! Know details..

Rajamouli’s magum opus Baahubali2 has been released and the reviews have been positive. Self-proclaimed film critic Kamal R Khan has given his verdict on Baahubali:The Conclusion. He seemed to be disappointed to an extent that he compared the movie to a cartoon.

 Kamaal expressed his anger on tweeter and said,“Sir @ssrajamouli Sahi Chutiya Kata Public Ka! What the fuck is this sir? I came 2theatre 2watch film, not cartoons in the name of #Bahubali2”

He also revealed the suspense of Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali as he tweeted, “Mystery is over. She did order Katappa to kill #Bahubali to make her real son Rana King.” Many have slammed this reason and called it senseless.


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