Kota: Now a fan with sensor and spring device to curb suicide cases!


Off late Kota has seen a rise in the number of suicide cases. Taking this into consideration, The Kota Hostel Association has now come up with the decision to attach spring equipment and a siren to the ceiling fans of the hostel rooms that provide accommodation to students.

According to media reports, Naveen Mittal, President of Kota Hostel Association said, “The association has decided to make it mandatory for every student hostel registered with the association to attach a secret spring equipment and siren sensor to the ceiling fans of the hostel rooms.”

If a student tries to commit suicide, then a siren sensor and spring device will lower ceiling fans if anyone over 20 kgs tries to hang by the fans.

State government and district administration has taken several measures and issued guidelines to keep check such incidents. Besides this, a number of measures are taken to curb suicides like biometric systems, CCTV cameras installed at the entrance and exit roads.

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