Know how Dubai Gurdwara made it to Guinness World Record!

Know how Dubai Gurdwara made it to Guinness World

Dubai Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar made their way into Guinness world records for serving continental breakfast titled “Breakfast for Diversity” to over 600 people from 101 nations. The event was attended by school children, govt officials, diplomats and many nearby people and the chief guest was an Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Navdeep Suri.

The Guinness book officials confirmed that gurdwara broke the previous record of 55 nationalities having a continental breakfast, organized by Nutella at Milan Expo in Italy in 2015. Tala Omar, Guinness World Record manager while speaking to the press said: “We are proud to support the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar in breaking a fantastic record that brings together people of multiple faiths & regions. We strongly encourage such record breaking activities that inspire all human efforts, particularly that bring people together.”

The Gurdwara as well known for serving free meals and caters to all visitors including to over 50,000 Sikh devotees in the UAE. According to media reports, Surender Kandhari, Chairman of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar said, “Sikhism has always embraced diversity as it has been part of our faith and belief that we all human beings should be treated with respect.”

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