KALA VARAM AAYE Censor Report ‘U’ certificate.


Tag Line : Yes! Telugu Cinema Can Sound Different.
Release Date : 7th- july 2017
Censor : ‘U’ certificate.
Description : 
Raghav,the male protagonist in the story has an unique disorder of dreaming every time he goes into a sleep and speaking about the dream out. just like every other night,he gets into a dream one fine night and the next day morning its wiped out from his memory. He has to recollect that dream in order to move ahead in his life from undesirable circumstances. The efforts put in by Raghav in order to get the remembrance of that dream in turn help him to rediscover his long lost love played by Spoorty. This is narrated in a thrilling climax sequence.
Cast : Sanjeev, Priyanka, Chandra Mohan, Vibeesh
Story & Director : Sampath.v.kumar
Producers : Janapareddy Muralikrishna, Ravi guthula, Syam Suneel Vamaraju
Screenplay & Dialouges : Sampath.v.kumar, Hemanth Sivalenka
Dop : Madhusudan Reddy
Music : Bharath Sankar

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