Imam’s proffer 22L on BJP leader who declared 11L on Mamta Banerjee’s head!

Imam’s proffer 22L on BJP leader who declared 11L on Mamta’s head!

A Muslim Prophet, known for publicizing fatwas against political leaders has once again come into limelight after making a counter-offer of Rs 22 Lakh for Yogesh Varshney – the BJP Youth wing leader’s head who announced a prize of Rs 11 lakh for beheading West Bengal Chief Minister – Mamta Banerjee. “Mamta Banerjee is a respected leader and like my sister and I will pay Rs 22L for that leader’s head instead”, stated Nur-ur Rehman Barkati, imam of Tipu Sultan Shahi Mosque located at Kolkata.

Yogesh Varshney is the leader of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha in Aligarh, announced the prize of Rs 11 lakh on CM’s head ensuing state police action alongside the BJP rally portrayed as a show of strength. The peril came a day after police charged hundreds of BJP activists who participated in these massive rallies in the heart of Kolkata on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti. He also added that Mamta Banerjee never allows Sarawati Puja, fairs during Ram Navami and during Hanuman Jayanti processions whereas she happily organizes Iftar party and labelled her to be biased towards Muslims and is anti-Hindu.

However this made no difference to Mamta Banerjee as she is often targeted with offensive words and feels that this spectacle will only boost them to progress more. The issue was raised in both the houses by TMC members and all parties including government condemned the statement. She further added that “The BJP leader should be immediately arrested. Why is he roaming free after making such a statement?”

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