Heath Ledger’s sister denies claims of her brother being depressed as the Joker

HEATH Ledger, the Australian actor playing the role of the Joker in Batman movie The Dark Knight died of an accidental overdose on prescription drugs on 22 January, 2008 aged 28. His sister’s Kate Ledger and Ashleigh Bell have denied that he was depressed after playing the role of the Joker in the movie.

Kate said that “He wasn’t depressed about The Joker. Honestly it was the absolute opposite. He had an amazing sense of humour, and I guess only his close family and friends really knew that. But he was having fun.”

He received the Best Supporting Actor trophy at the 81st Academy Awards posthumously for his role of The Joker. Also, he had a daughter with American actress Michelle Williams in 2005, called Matilda Rose, who is now eleven. Michelle and Heath split in 2007 and all Heath’s fortune, around £13million, was left to Matilda in its entirety.

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