Govt orders internet service providers to block child abuse content 

All the internet service providers (ISP) have been ordered by the Government to block distribution and access to child sexual abuse content by July 31. The ministry of electronics and IT (Meity) in an order dated April 18, 2017 stated that “ISP’s having cable landing station gateways/ international long distance licenses in India shall be required to adopt and implement IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) resources on or before July 31, 2017, to prevent distribution and transmission of online CSAM in to India,”
An inter-ministerial committee was formed to address issues related to child sexual abuse materials (CASM) and come up with solutions to deal with it which was followed by a Supreme Court order. As per the cyber observations and study it was determined that the websites or the web links consists of unlawful content which was dynamic in nature and frequently changing making it difficult to block such content. No centralized mechanism exists in India to monitor online CSAM as noted by the panel.
It is an offensive crime to publicize or transmit material depicting children in sexually explicit act or conduct in electronic form which is prohibited as per section 67B of the IT Act 2000.

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