Getting US visa is now big task!

Getting US visa is now big task

The route to get a US visa is going to be more tenacious than ever before, all due to latest instructions from the Trump administration to its consulates worldwide. They are directed to identify groups that need extra scrutiny and adhere to strict merit-based approach for enhanced vetting.

A diplomatic cable issued by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that those applying for an American visa – inclusive of both work and tourist would be required to endow details of their employment and residence for last 15 years along with all their contact numbers and social media accounts as used in last 5 years.  

The cable also restricts the number of interviews to 120 per day per consular arbitrator. The statement further stated Consular officers should not hesitate in declining any case presenting security distresses and all visa decisions to be austerely dealt with as its National security decisions.
In 2016, The United States issued more than 10 million non-immigrant visas, including more than a million to Indian citizens for education, tourism, and business.

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