Gear up for ‘Friends Musical’!

Gear up for Friends

Great news for all the fans of Friends, the popular tv show will soon get an unofficial musical paroday titled Friends! The Musical. It is slated to be hosted at the Triad Theatre in NewYork City.

The parody is written by popular names like Bob and Tobly McSmith. They are the brains behind previous musical parodies of Full House and Saved by the Bell.

In a media report, Tobly mentioned, “Could we BE more excited about the chance to parody such an important TV show? It only makes sense to set our sights on the hit TV show Friends after creating parody musicals about Saved by the Bell, Full House, and Beverley Hills, 90210. Not only do we poke fun and celebrate the show, we also get some jokes in about the actor’s lives.”

We are sure many are eagerly waiting for this one!

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