Emma Watson confused Jimmy Fallon for Jimmy Kimmel

Emma Watson accidentally ended up flattering her host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring for a gimmick by Jimmy Kimmel back in 2012.

Emma Watson was back on ‘The Tonight Show’ to talk about her upcoming social media thriller ‘The Circle’ and retold the tale of how she mistook Fallon for late night competitor Jimmy Kimmel when they first met.

She had stated “Before you even started the interview, I just dove straight in there with, ‘I love that Halloween candy thing that you do.’ And there was just silence. I died inside,” Emma revealed. Fallon had to tell Emma that the game she was referring to was actually part of Jimmy Kimmel Live, according to media reports. Fallon allowed her to reshoot her introduction. He said, “I had you leave and re-enter, and then when you came and sat down, I said, ‘So are you a big fan of late-night TV?'”

Fallon pretended to be gracious after this happened on the show and thus making it worth a watch.

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