Einstein’s letter auctioned for ₹35 lakhs!

Albert Einstein-telugu70mm.com

A signed letter from renowned physicist Albert Einstein has been sold for Rs 35 lakh. This letter was written in response to a science teacher in the year1953. In the letter the Einstein has replied to a two-page questionnaire regarding electrostatic theory and special relativity.  The letter answers questions about Einstein’s theory of relativity and how to reconcile the theory with experiments.

Einstein wrote that the only assumption one needs to make is that there is some difference in the charge of the surface of the Earth and the upper atmosphere and that the electroscope, in this case, would behave as though it were inside a charged sphere.

According to the reports, Sam Heller, a spokesman for the Nate D Sanders Auctions had said that the letter had been in the Converse family’s possession for many years.

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