Dogs join blood donation drive!

Dogs join blood donation drive!

Recently a unique drive was initiated as a part of college’s annual festival, Spandan, in an effort to bring to notice the need for canine blood reserves. For the same Whiskey, Tasha and Shadow showed up at special blood donation drive. Whiskey is a golden Labrador that anyone would fall in love with. Akshay Jambhale had gone with her (Whiskey) for the drive. He himself donates blood and when he heard about this drive, then immediately decided to get his dog to donate as well.

According to Pooja Marwaha, member of animal welfare committee had mentioned to the media that there is not much of reserve and they are putting their best foot forward to build one. This can be used at the time of crises when a pet meets an accident; they get calls seeking canine blood.

Hope this drive reaches people and makes them aware about its importance.

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