Chiranjeevi Cannot Cope WithThe Death of Dasari ..

I cannot digest the news of the sudden death of the Director. Recently, he was given the Allu Ramalingaiah Award and due to his illness  I handed him over at his house. At that time he was very healthy and had been talked with me  for a long time and we had a  very close relationship between us in the Industry. Now I am not able to cope. At present I am in China and have to hear such bitter news.His death is  a big loss to the film industry. His services to the film industry as director and producer are unforgettable and he is the God Father of Telugu cinema.Though he is not in the midst of us physically, we always keeps his service in mind .. Chiranjeevi

Writing deficit: Ramcharan to the Telugu film industry, Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao’s death is a threat to the Telugu film industry. My deep condolences and may his soul rest in peace .. Ram Charan

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