Chetan puts Shraddha Kapoor in awkward situation!

Chetan puts Shraddha kapoor in awkward situation!

At the launch of trailer of Half Girlfriend, Chetan Bhagat said a statement that made Shraddha Kapoor embarrassed.

During the question and answer section with the media, When a boyfriend related question was asked to Shraddha, Chetan immediately passed on the mike to her saying, “Bolo Shraddha…Tumhara toh waise bhi bahut chal raha hai….matlab khabrein chal rahi hai“. This left Sharaddha in an awkward situation. To which immediately Shraddha replied, “Khabrein isliye chal rahi hai kyuki main Arjun ki half girlfriend hoon.”

Arjun Kapoor came to Shraddha’s rescue and said, “I would like to consider if anyone of you all have an open job opportunity then Chetan would like to join up because jo sawaal koi nahi kar paaya vo Chetan ne kar diya.”

Recently the rumour were rife of Shraddha and Farhan were dating and not just that there were also reports that said Farhan and Aditya had fight over Shraddha Kapoor. But those rumors were laid to rest when Farhan shared a picture with Aditya Kapoor.

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