More celebs to join the debate after Kailash Kher’s actor vs singer comment

Recently, singer Kailash Kher to expressed his displeasure about actors being preferred over musicians as opening artists for an international musician’s gig. This was followed by the speculation that actor Sonakshi Sinha will be performing at Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s May 10 India concert in Mumbai.

Kailash Kher voiced his concern over this issue with support first pouring in from singer Armaan Malik who later got involved in a war of words with Sonakshi. Armaan also stated “When it comes to getting an opportunity to perform on a big international platform or show like Coldplay/JB, then a SINGER should get a chance not an ACTOR. Ask any normal person or fan they would say the same.”

The industry remains divided on this issue with many singers like Kumar Sanu, Subir Malik, Nikhil Chinapa siding with Kailash Kher while few others in the film industry showed their support for Sonakshi’s wit.

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