Bikaner rape case is fake!

Bikaner rape case

The Bikaner rape case has taken a big turn as it is now said that the father had allegedly charged teachers of his daughter’s rape as he wanted to take revenge on the school.

In a media report, Rajasthan Child and Women Welfare Minister Anita Bhadel had said that the investigation claimed that entire rape case stands false.

She also clearly stated that “The case in which a father had filed a FIR about his own daughter being raped by her school teachers, facts have emerged that it was not a rape case. The girl quit school since the past four-five years. The entire case stands baseless and the girl is not being allowed to give a statement and is being kept locked inside her house.”

She also revealed that he has filed the FIR under influence. But now she has called for strict action for making up a case like this.

It’s is now reported that the victim’s mother has said that she was sexually assaulted, that lead to cancer. She was also forced to have abortion pills by offenders.

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