Beware Green tea too has side effects!


One of the ancient and well-known herbal teas known to mankind is Green tea. Its increased eminence in the western countries due to its professed health benefits, weight loss is another popular benefit. It has benefits and limitations; some are proved scientifically or back by studies while some are yet mysterious.

Green tea when consumed moderately by healthy adults is considered beneficial and safe. It’s saying that anything in excess cause harm and so is with Green tea. Unwarranted caffeine ingestion can lead to or augment a variety of problems like stomach issues, iron deficiency and anemia, headaches, anxiety & sleep disorder, related heartbeat, diarrhea, heartburn, bleeding disorder, osteoporosis and lastly pregnancy and infant health risks.

Well, you don’t have to quit drinking your favorite Green tea but instead, you have to be aware of the consumption limits, ensure that you are not under any medications. Hence sobriety is the key to relish the benefits of green tea. 


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