Balaiah toped in Sankranti race with five hits

Nandamuri nata simham once again stand at Sankranthi race with his 99th film Dictator. It is his comfortable season for releasing his movies every time. He delivered some sensational blockbusters by releasing his films with a semi-rural backdrop around Sankranti time. In a fledgling career that saw many upheavals, Balakrishna had five releases in Sankranti of which “Peddannayya” (1997) and “Vamsanikokkadu” (1996) came and went without impact.
But three films spaced with few years in between delivered the ultimate bonanza to fans and families alike. The first Sankranti blockbnuster was “Samarasimha Reddy” in 1999 followed by another super-duper hit “Narasimha Naidu” in 2001. Balayya returned with another sleeper hit in 2004 “Lakshmi Narasimha” completing the hat-trick of movies with “Narasimha” titles making him a coveted hero for Sankranti movies. Balayya got branded as a golden boy for Sankranti with 3 out of 5 releases becoming mega-jubilee hits. But he never returned with another release or hit post 2004.​

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