‘Bahubali Sarees’ – A new hit after the movie

Telugu fans of the film “Baahubali” have donned “Baahubali Sarees” printed with the popular poster of Bahubali and Devasena with their arrows straightened at enemies and the response is an instant hit.

Rajani Shakunatala, a Telugu writer and her friends have decided to get some 50 sarees printed at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh for their group of friends and they donned it to go out to watch Bahubali, attracting the attention of all viewers at the theatre.

About Rs. 25 crore has been raised from brand endorsements while screening Bahubali, making it the highest grosser in the category with more than 100 products released in the market on the occasion of Bahubali 2 release.

Besides products and sarees, Bahubali makers have also released a video game and about three books on the story in the form of comics. But the saree concept was entirely new.

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