Backward Castes warned TDP

Leaders of twenty five backward castes warned the Telugu Desam government that they would not hesitate to topple the TDP government if Kapus were included in the BC list. The castes which met under the banner of BC Mahajana Samiti found fault with the government in appointing a commission to study the purported backwardness of Kapus. They said it was not within the powers of state government and the state government was not supposed to appoint a commission to see if a particular caste was eligible to be included in the BC list just because the caste leaders demanded.
“Reservation is not an economic program to help poor in the society. This was social reform movement for the upliftment of the castes which suffered discrimination for ages in low social status,” the leaders said. Admitting that poor did exist in every caste, the leaders said, the government should initiate poverty alleviation measure for their benefit. They also said they would welcome such programs for the poor among the Kapus. The leaders decided to launch a campaign across the state to educate the members of BCs on the impending threat to their privileges from the TDP government and Kapu movement.

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