Babu emerged costliest CM in India

Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has emerged as one of the most costly chief ministers in India. To compare Naidu’s life style with the CM’s of other states, he would be in the top two most expensive among the Indian chief ministers. The governmental spending to make his life comfortable, secure and showy is going on unabated. As long as he was in Hyderabad, tax payers’ money was spent like water to meet his ostentatious life style- in secretariat, lake view guest house and his private residence. The spending spree shifted to Vijayawada too, now. Though he is living in a private (Lingamaneni) guest house, the government is spending money as if it is his permanent residence. If the expenditure on his showy public life and tours between Hyderabad and Vijayawada is put together, more than a hundred crore is said to have been spent. He always reminds that We have no capital. We are denied revenue from Hyderabad. Chief Minister is working from make shift houses, My ministers and officers have no houses in Vijayawada. Centre has not fulfilled its commitment. This is all amid the growing cost of maintaining CM’s life pompous, which is no way lesser despicable than the life style of any of the dictators our era. The state government released Rs 2.27 crore to make his Lingamaneni Guest House at Undavalli village, Tadepalli Mandal, Guntur district, fire secure. The money will be spent on-

1.Power fence with Alarm System

2.Sufficient illumination all around the perimeter and to cover the river bank

3.Fire Safety Recommendations

4.Installation of CCTV Surveilance System on the lines of the system provided in the residence of the Hon’ble CM at Jubilee Hills, Hyd’bad

5.Uninterrupted Power Supply

6.Intercom telephone lines and EPABX System

And again on Wednesday, government gave administrative sanction to spend Rs 1.48 crore ” towards meeting the expenditure for purchase of one Stride MK 1 Jammer for use in the convoy CM and to clear off the pending bills pertains to supply of security related equipment”. The government has already spent huge money on deploying the Stride MK 1 Jammers in CM’s convoy. On October 9, 2014, Rs.3,07,79,000/-(Rupees Three Crores Seven Lakhs Seventy Nine Thousands) had been released for the procurement of vehicles and STRIDE MK 1 Jammer for the Hon’ble CM convoy at Vijayawada. This money had been released in relaxation of ban on purchase of vehicles and economy measures. This means, the government has spent about Rs 4.50 crore just on the purchase of Convoy Jammers for CM Naidu. This is the way the chief minister of a state, which was made to ‘suffer financially’ in every conceivable way by the bifurcation, has chosen to live in Andhra Pradesh.

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