Arrogant government is ruling the AP: Opposition leader blames

Lambasting the TDP Government for its arrogant approach in the Assembly by pushing the issues of public interest to the back seat and resorting to bashing of opposition party to divert the burning issues, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the session has lost its meaning and purpose.”With the burning issue of Call Money cum sex racket not being allowed to come up for discussion by pressing in diversionary tactics, TDP government has pulled the wind out of the sails of assembly session and it has lost its way in bashing opposition party and the undue suspension of our party MLA RK Roja,” said by the Leader of Opposition. Though there are many issues to be discussed the session was curtailed to only five days and the Call Money cum sex racket was not brought for discussion as the key players were closely associated with TDP leaders and many ruling party functionaries were part of the racket. Chandrababu Naidu has contended that there is no proof of the involvement of TDP leaders while we have shown the photos published. Call Money was abbreviated as CM or in the pronouncing form as Ka. Ma. It was a widely used abbreviation and many people used it while they suspended only Roja as they have targeted her, he said. “The cover-up bid came to the fore by bring up issues which were not in the agenda on one hand and government has made every attempt to dilute the issue and project it as an ordinary issue of money lending leaving behind the heinous crime of sex racket which was going on in the garb of call money”, he said. On the first day the ruling party has said that the house will have a discussion on dalits though it was not in the agenda and Chandrababu Naidu has never celebrated historic dates of Dr Ambedkar earlier. By that time our Party had already given a notice for discussion on the Call Money cum sex racket. “On the next day it was suspension of Roja for one year and no provision in the rule book justifies the period of suspension. When I tried to raise a point of order, I was not given the mike. We wanted to establish the links between the TDP leaders and the Call Money operators and fearing that, the diversion tactics were employed,” the Leader of Opposition said. There were severe disruptions on the first day and on the second day, it was said that the issue was closed despite our contention that TDP leaders were involved in the racket. Most of the assembly time was used to bash YSR Congress, Jagan and Roja. “It is not a good parliamentary practice to pass the Bills without Opposition Party being present in the House. We boycotted the session when the treasury benches did not allow a discussion on the Call Money racket and revoke the suspension of Roja. The Government has introduced eight bills and passed five of them. This is not in good taste,” he said.

“The double standards of Chandrababu Naidu has come to the fore when he raised a hue and cry on bauxite mining while he was in opposition and gave a GO allowing the mining after he came to power. Large extents of land were allocated by the Government to the kin and favoured few at throwaway prices while the cost of sand has leapfrogged many times. The liquor policy is faulty and is useful only for the traders.The governance has gone for a toss and assembly session was curtailed and many such issues could not be taken up,” he said.​

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