Amy Jackson trolled on social media. But why?

Amy Jackson trolled on social
Amy Jackson created headlines as she hit the dance floor on fire at the opening ceremony of IPL. Fans were eager for the opening ceremony but felt like they had a sheer disappointment with the performance and were not impressed.  
The dance became talk of the town on social media and soon the dance went viral, that called it a flop show. The entry was breathtaking and she was looking like a doll but her moves failed to impress audiences. 
Here’s what the Twitterati had to say about the performance:- 
– Amy Jackson’s dance was so pathetic, 28 dance teachers closed their academy forever and went to Kashi. #IPL
– Amy Jackson cannot dance 
– Amy Jackson performed at IPL-10. This will promote and benefit Amy Jackson more than IPL…   #VIVOIPLEdition#IPLOpeningCeremony
– Sunny deol is a much better dancer than amy Jackson
– Amy Jackson is moving exactly like I would in a Zumba class.
– When the instructor isn’t looking.#IPLOpeningCeremony

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