Allu arjun was changed

After success of sarrainodu, Allu arjun mind was changed in movie selection. He don’t want to sign half narrated scripts. Full script will  satisfying him, then only he want to commit the movie. Lingusamy movie was cancelled by this reason only. Bunny didn’t satisfy the lingusamy’s half written script, so he rejected the project. And harish Shankar project is also be on hold. Dil raju and harish Shankar was stated that they are going to work with allu arjun. But bunny didn’t talk about this project.

Because harish not narrated full script. When the harish narrating full version, then only he would  talk about the project. And committed to giving call sheets.  And   Vikram Kumar  film was also be on hold. Because vikram’s latest 24 movie got average result.  And vikram narrated story line only. And  Vikram kumar’s marriage ceremony  in September. After the marriage ceremony vikram will narrate complete storyto bunny. So bunny wanted to wait up to September.   If vikram kumar will not satisfied bunny, the project will not move further.

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