ALERT! Baahubali lovers looted!

Baahubali has been talking of the town and there is huge craze among people. Tickets booking for the magnum opus- Baahubali have already begun. Recently a website named has been selling tickets. The highlight is that the company has created huge database of theaters, screens and tickets. Many booked tickets and were happy that they are going to watch the movie. But the weird part was other theatre it was showing houseful and on newtickets the theatres were empty. People started to suspect it and reported the same to the Cyber Crime sleuths. This was later revealed that it has been true and the company had looted Baahubali lovers.

The website has been selling fake tickets all the time. It is said that they have looted lakhs of rupees from the scam. The website is down already and the matter is under investigation. 


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