​Political parties play water card in GHMC campaign

As election is around the corner, political parties in the fray began playing water card to woo the voters in the GHMC.  Several candidates who were in the fray for the intense GHMC battle are distributing water tankers to the residential colonies in several areas in the GHMC region which are badly hit by limited or no water supply. Apart from supplying them water, these candidates are also promising them continuous water supply if elected to power.

While this innovative act shows the gross negligence of the current representatives and the lack of basic civil amenities that are plaguing the residents, it also shows how leaders have realised the importance of winning the voters’ hearts by addressing their basic problems.

Voters too have become smart and they no longer trust politicians who simply bribe them some amount per each vote before the polling, come into power and forget their problems till the next elections. This time, the voters will surely choose those leaders who are really genuine in solving their issues.

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